Who we are

Becoming parents always presents us with new situations, let's not get it wrong, it's the most beautiful thing in the world, but it changes everything.

Priorities change, everyday life changes, and the world around us changes too!!

But the satisfaction of the first smile of the first little word or the first steps can erase every little moment of discouragement and fill us with joy for all the years to come.

In this chaos of emotions between diapers and dinners in company, MyBonBon™ was born.

Two long-time friends, both fathers of two splendid little girls, decided to embark on this challenge that began during the period of restrictions due to the pandemic.

Finding a pair of shoes for our girls wasn't so simple, for various reasons, so almost for fun we decided to draw up a list with the essential characteristics that a shoe absolutely must have:


 From that day on things started to get more serious and all this first fascinated us and then involved us to the point of wanting to really pursue this objective and search for the ideal shoe prototype for a limited age group, from 5 months to 4 years.

By using all our knowledge and skills, and recovering useful time between sleepless nights, afternoons spent on video calls and discussions, we have found an answer to all this.

We put all our energy and commitment into it and we are very satisfied with the product, how can you not love them!?

We hope you also like MyBonBon™, all collections have been carefully designed for the well-being and happiness of our children and parents. 

Our goal is to offer a quality product at affordable prices with specific features for our little ones.

Two Dads