Pediatricians recommend:

A child begins to walk between 11 and 14 months but every child has his own times that must be respected without forcing, so the most important advice is to encourage them when they begin to take their first steps.
The child's foot is still made up of cartilage because the bone system has not yet fully formed and therefore needs delicacy, so it is best to carefully choose the instrument that will accompany him in this new adventure. Here are the most important characteristics that the shoes should have according to specialists:


Comfortable and light

Children's feet are still developing, so it is important that their shoes are comfortable and soft to wear. The foot inside the shoe must remain firm but not forced and must allow the children to be able to move their ankles naturally.



The shoes must provide stability and safety, therefore it is important that the soles are non-slip, that the toe is reinforced to protect against impacts of any kind and a wide and flexible sole so as to accompany the movement of the foot



Breathable material

Children sweat a lot during their activities, which is why we recommend choosing a natural, light, soft and breathable material, with suitable ventilation so that their feet always remain dry


Correct size

It is important to choose shoes that fit well to ensure correct comfort and development of the foot. Be sure to measure your child's feet and choose a size that respects the physiology and harmonious growth of their little feet



 Closing practice

Shoes must have the right closure, allow them to be put on or taken off easily and not put too much pressure on the foot